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Current Motorsport Competitions

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Do you hold a Motorsport Licence, Resident in Ireland or the UK and a member of a motor club? Once registered, you must enter at least one competition to qualify and become eligible to gain Sponsorship through our sponsorship scheme


Competition Winners


Won for only €19.99 by Timothy Lunn from Co. Donegal


Won in free entry draw by Sara Mc Fadden


Won for only €9.99 by Richard Mulholland from Derry

RallyRaffle FAQs

Not sure how our RallyRaffle competitions work? We’ve compiled a handy little FAQ section to help answer any questions you may have.

How do I enter a RallyRaffle competition?

Before entering any of our RallyRaffle competitions, you must have and be logged in to an account on our website. If you are not registered or are not currently logged in to your account, you can either log in to an existing account or register a new one by clicking here.

Once you have logged in to your account, you can enter any of our competitions by following these steps:

  1. Visit the RallyRaffle section of our website to browse and select the competition(s) you wish to enter;
  2. On the competition entry page scroll down to the “Answer the question” section, select your answer to the question, select the quantity of tickets you would like to purchase and then press the “Add to Cart” button;
  3. Once the ticket(s) are in your basket, you can visit the Basket or Checkout page to initiate the checkout;
  4. On the checkout page, fill in all the required billing information, select your preferred payment method and press the “Place Order” button.
  5. On the payment information page, enter your payment card details and then submit the form in order to complete your purchase.

Please Note: Only ticket orders where the correct answer has been selected on the competition entry page will be entered into the draw for that competition. Ticket orders where one of the incorrect answers were selected will not be entered into any of our competition draws and no refunds will be issued.

How many tickets can I buy for a RallyRaffle competition?

Each RallyRaffle competition we list on our website may have a cap placed on the number of tickets that may be purchased by one individual person. If this is the case, this quantity limit will be displayed on the individual competition entry page.

Is there a free entry method for your RallyRaffle competitions?

Yes, we have a free entry method available for all of our RallyRaffle competitions. For information on how to enter a competition for free, please read our Terms & Conditions.

Where can I see my RallyRaffle order details & ticket number(s)?

Once you have completed a purchase for a RallyRaffle competition ticket(s) on our website, your ticket numbers will immediately be visible on the Order Successful page that you will be brought to. You will also be able to view the details of your order on the “Orders” page within the My Account section of our website, which will include your ticket numbers. Also upon successfully placing an order, you will receive an email to the email address assigned to your account confirming your order details, including your ticket numbers. 

My account says my RallyRaffle order is cancelled. Why is that?

A RallyRaffle ticket order may show as cancelled if you did not complete your payment in time, or if your payment failed. Orders are automatically cancelled after 15 minutes if your payment is not processed successfully. Rest assured that if your order was automatically cancelled, you have not been charged.

How many winners are there for each RallyRaffle competition?

Unless otherwise stated on an individual RallyRaffle competition entry page, each of our RallyRaffle competitions has just 1 winner.

When will the RallyRaffle competition winner be picked?

All of our RallyRaffle competitions will remain open and active until the deadline date for that competition is reached. If the maximum number of entries for that competition sell out before that date, the date of that competition’s draw may be brought forward.

Each RallyRaffle competition’s deadline date and the overall number of available tickets for that competition can be seen on its individual competition entry page, and the progress bar on that page will also show the live current number of tickets sold for that competition.

How & where will the winner of the competition be picked?

After a competition’s deadline date has been reached or all of its tickets have sold out, we will set a date for the live selection draw and this draw will then take place in the form of a Live Video on our Facebook page, whereby we will use a random number generator to select the winning ticket number. After a winning ticket number has been selected during our live draw, we will contact the winner directly to inform them of the prize they have won and how to claim that prize.

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